About Us And Our Dogs

Holders of black dwarf Schnauzer kennel are Peter and Kerstin Friedrichs. We live in the district Plagwitz in the beautiful city of Leipzig. From this we have derived the kennel name: Von den Plagwitzer Rackern. KSA Barchfeld 2007
Lux-kimba vom Wasserturm The decision to share our home with a dog was years ago. It should be a schnauzer. And so we got in October 1998 Lux Kimba vom Wasserturm, a dwarf Schnauzer pf/s. Lux was a typical representative of race loyal, clingy but also very stubborn. He led in the agility and won the title of German champions PSK agility in A1 level in 2002.
As it is often not leave it in a dog. Easter 2000 moved to witch called Hexe. The small fleet sweep makes all honour his name. Witch has a large Bewegungsdrang, we started early with the Agilityausbildung. Your biggest successes were 2. and 3.Plštze on the PSC Agility Championships. She have qualified to the a2. Bienchen
Indira Ghandi v.d.Königssäule So after I found favour to out order changes. With some skill I convinced Peter thereof and the cloverleaf became complete, Easter 2002 Indira Ghandi von der Königssäule came to us. The small "Ghandi" was from the outset calm and balanced, but also very proud and own. We had immediately closed it in our hearts. Moves in the exhibition to the very elegant and makes us enjoy. Your highest titles are Dtsch. champion VDH and ISPU Club winner. They held the position of our pride agent and doing very tolerant.
In 2002 Peter was head over heels in love with the small Rachel-Rogers vom Wasserturm and made fully the quartet. Rachel is a soul of dog, loyally follows through thick and thin without ask. Rachel combines beauty and performance. We cleared her high action with agility to meet. 2006 she was master of the PSC in the agility A1 Dtsch. Meister des PSK. Rachel has passed a companion dog and an endurance test. In the exhibition it was Dtsch. champion VDH, Dtsch.Champion PSC and Club winner. Rachel at snow
the puppies - 8 weeks old And then came what had to be, at the 01/11/2004 Indira Ghandi brought our A-litter to the world. It was a completely new experience every day to see the development progress of puppies.
Since we had 1 litter in the year. Now we breed from our own Zwinger with 3 bitches... at home
look - who's looking? We strive to maintain contact with our puppy buyers in the and other countries and are happy to hear about successes with dogs from our litters.
Where light is unfortunately also shadow is. Far too early left us our Lux at the age of 9. It was a very painful loss.

Our small pride consoled us and had to meet even more ups and downs. Lucky and suffering are sometimes too close together.
freetime with dad